Akurat Cosmo

Ultra-light LED 800W Akurat COSMO fixture designed to illuminate shooting plans from the drone.


Cosmo emits a powerful beam of light with a value exceeding 50 thousand lumens, at CCT 5600K.


Cosmo was made mostly of carbon combined with thin-walled aluminum connectors and bolts. Thanks to this, the weight of the lamp without the chassis is just 2400g.

With the power supply of two LiPo batteries with a total weight of 1.5kg, the starting weight of the kit with the landing gear slightly exceeds 5kg, which allows you to lift the lamp with the power supply using drone. The FREFLY ALTA or DJI MATRICE 600PRO may be successfully used with Akurat Cosmo .

The lighting time from one set of batteries is higher than the maximum flight time of the drone and is up to 15 minutes with full lighting power.
Basic technical data:

  • Luminous flux of up to 50000 lumens
  • CRI Ra=95+
  • Maximum electric power: 800W
  • Supply voltage: 44,4V (2xLiPo 6s Battery)
5MBTechnical Specification
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  • Cosmo_front_angle_view
  • Akurat_Cosmo_baner

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Practical advantages:

LEDs used in Cosmo emit high quality light with CRI 97 color rendering index, with TCS R9 at 70. Each from eight of 100W COB LEDs are equipped with interchangeable spotlights, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the angle of the light beam to the size of the illuminated stage or the level of the drone flight. Each diode is equipped with a lightweight active cooling, controlled by a microcontroller. Adjusting the fan speed to the current diode temperature saves a significant amount of energy from the battery.




Form, design and ergonomics

COSMO has been adapted for radio control using standard RC equipment used to control drones and model making.  The device’s driver enables connection of any RC receiver with PWM output. By radio you can remotely adjust the dimming  from 0 to 100 percent and the angle of inclination of the fixture relative to the plane of the flight in the range of +/- 80 degrees. The lamp’s tilt is realized through a servo mechanism built into the COSMO fastening system. It is also possible to manually control the dimming and battery voltage reading. The lamp base replaces the drone’s landing gear and is equipped with a suitable hitch. There are also other types of mounts that enable setting the COSMO on a tripod or on a vehicle, for example.

Supply options

COSMO is adapted to supply two LiPo batteries with a nominal voltage of 22.2 V (6s) and a capacity of 5000mAh. Fully charged batteries allow you to illuminate the scene at full power for about 15 minutes. The lamp can also be supplied from a dedicated AC adapter, which lets you work stationary.


Key features

  • A powerful beam of light with very good spectral quality
  • Very low weight enabling the lamp to be lifted together with the power supply via a drone
  • No flickering, can be used for filming in “slow motion” mode
  • The possibility of powering both from batteries and from a dedicated power supply
  • 800W of maximum power consumption
  • Intelligent active cooling of LEDs
  • możliwość sterowania radiowego w zakresie regulacji dimera i pochylenia lampy w zakresie +/- 80 stopni

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