Natural Light – LEDs with a spectrum similar to natural light.



All Akurat fixtures marked with the Natural Light logo including the MK2 panels and the A1N on-camera lights are produced using of new generation LEDs.
Below we explain what distinguishes these LEDs from the white high CRI LEDs used so far.
Simply put, a white LED consists of an LED chip that emits blue or violet light and an array of phosphors excited by it, emitting light in the lower range of the visible light spectrum to give the impression of white light. In the case of LEDs used in the photographic and film industry, we care about high CRI LEDs to accurately reproduce all colours that exist in nature.

The next generations of “high CRI” LEDs were created by using more and more complex phosphors. However, this method did not eliminate the so-called “cyan gap” in the spectrum. This is a significant lowering in the spectral characteristic in the range of cyan colour present in the spectrum of the vast majority of currently produced high CRI white LEDs.

The innovative technology used in the LEDs in our Natural Light fixtures eliminates this disadvantage and bringing the emitted spectrum closer to natural light to an extent previously unavailable. These LEDs are characterized by excellent color reproduction with the TLCI index of 99-100.

Below are the results of the measurements of the spectrum of the Akurat DL MK2 Natural Light panel, made with the SEKONIC C-800 device.