10mm – 1/4 Thread Camera Adapter

Akurat 10 mm Accessory Mounting System

The system is based on a 10mm diameter mandrel (hence the name). Each element has a mandrel and / or a hole with a clamp that fits into this mandrel, so that the system elements can be joined together to create the necessary fastening element. Thanks to the 10mm swivel element, the system can be used to attach to the camera any accessories equipped with a 1/4 inch hole at any angle. Elements can be extended by adding additional connectors. There is both a photo-shoe and a screw with a large knob to screw the accessories to the 1/4 inch hole.

Care was taken for the weight of the elements and their durability. All elements of the system are made of aluminum – hard dural mandrels. The knobs have stainless screws, and the threads in the clamps are hardened thread inserts with very high strength and durability.

  • 10mm_thread_camera_adapter_1_kwadrat
  • 10mm_swivel_camera_thread_adapter



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