MIX3N – a Natural Light on-camera fixture with CCT adjustment

A small LED panel with an output of up to 18 W and a tungsten/daylight mixer

This aluminium light is equipped with two sets of Natural Light diodes – warm 3000 K and cold 5700 K – and emits a soft light of up to 1300 lm and a very high CRI, completely free from the flickering effect. The light is suitable for filming in slow motion at any frame rate.

It allows to control light output as well as to adjust colour temperature by mixing daylight and tungsten light.

Top-quality components supplied by leading manufacturers of electronics, including dependable IP67 cermet potentiometers, ensure reliable operation and long service life.


Technical data

  • Luminous flux of up to 1300 lm
  • Light beam angle: 120 degrees
  • CRI Ra = 97+ TLCI 99-100
  • Maximum electric power: 18 W
  • Supply voltage: 6–20 V
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Practical advantages

The device creates a strong and very wide beam of highly luminous soft perfect quality light. It is ideal for all applications where filming has to take place in the given low-light conditions. A light beam angle of 120 degrees covers the entire frame even when a very wide lens is used. Like all Akurat Lighting lights, MIX3N allows to adjust light output practically without affecting colour temperature. In this model, the LED array is protected from damage by a durable protective pane made from organic glass. A magnetically fixed diffuser with barndoors replacing the pane is also available.





MIX3N features an operation mode called MIX, activated upon rotating the mixer knob away from its OFF position. MIX mode operation is signalled by lighting up a red indicator. In that mode, daylight is blended with artificial light, which results in decreasing colour temperature of daylight or increasing colour temperature of artificial light. Mixing ratio can be adjusted steplessly with the mixer knob. When the mixer knob is set to the MAX position, both diode banks operate at the same power level. Adjusting brightness in the MIX mode does not affect the set mixing ratio. The MIX mode is intended for illuminating locations and sets in a creative manner, with light of a non-standard colour temperature.


Form, design and ergonomics

Device durability is provided by a robust body made from anodised aluminium, acting also as a radiator. In the back of the light there is a control panel consisting of a power switch, which is the 3000 K–5700 K balance regulator at the same time, mixer and brightness potentiometers, and a diode for signalling MIX mode operation. Both the switch and the potentiometers are top-quality components supplied by renowned Japanese and European manufacturers, made to IP67 and ensuring long-lasting failure-free performance. All these features make the mix3N suitable for use in such harsh conditions as high humidity, very low temperature or dusty environment. An Akurat 10mm mounting adapter makes possible to choose between 10 mm – photo shoe or 10mm- 1/4 thread camera mounting adapters, proper to used camera ( mounting adapters are sold separately ). There are many different elements of Akurat 10mm system available.




Supply options

The unique functionality of mix3N comes from the ability to power the device with any voltage from 6 up to 20 V. That allows to use both the typical D-Tap sockets found in professional film cameras (14.4 V) and batteries commonly used for powering cameras (7.4 V), gel batteries (6 and 12 V), electrical systems of cars and motorcycles, mains power supplies etc. A wide assortment of camera battery seats allows to use a single type of battery for both the camera and the light.
In the Accessories tab you will find suitable cables or DVB-03 adapters for different supply options.


Key features

  • Light colour temperature adjustment capability
  • Creates a very strong and wide beam of top quality soft light, free from the flickering effect
  • Can be powered by any source of 6–20 V current
  • Voltage can be supplied directly from camera batteries
  • High efficiency
  • Low operating temperature
  • Highly robust, resistant to shocks and moisture
  • Dependability
  • Long service life


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