ULA-1 water resistant on-camera light for hard work

Water resistant IP55 on-camera light Akurat ULA-1 with movable LED matrix, emitting top-quality light


Placing the LED matrix on the hinge with adjustable frictional force, makes possible to tilt the lamp, but also to fold the matrix to a horizontal position to facilitate movement operator with the camera with the light and prevent mechanical damage of the fixture and the camera.


The lamp is made in IP55 ingress protection class, which means the total resistance to rain and dust.

The mounting adapter of ULA-1 fixture is compatible with the Akurat 10mm® fastening system. You can configure the light to be attached to the camera or to other accessories, selecting the appropriate elements from the wide list of the fixing accessories of this system.


6 MBTechnical Specification 3,7 MBULA-1 Ordering Information
  • ULA_1_V-WHITE_angle_view
  • ULA_1_side_view_matrix_lowered_to_front
  • ULA_1_side_view_matrix_raised_to_work_position
  • ULA_1_side_view_matrix_lowered_to_back
  • ULA_1_back_view
  • ULA_1_bottom_view_10mm_mount
  • ULA_1_angle_view_hinge_adjustment screw
  • ULA_1_angle_view_on_10mm_yoke
  • ULA-1_with_10mm_swivel_side view
  • ULA-1_with_barndoors_angle_view
  • ULA-1_with_barndoors_side_view
  • ULA-1_with_barndoors_closed
  • ULA-1_with_barndoors_closed_panel_lowered_to_front
  • ULA-1_with_barndors_and_10mm_swivel_side view
  • ULA-1_leak_test_side_view
  • ULA_leak_test_2_ angle_view
  • ULA_leak_test_1_ angle_view
  • ULA_after_leak_test_ angle_view

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Practical advantages

The light is equipped with brightness and colour temperature controllers and a power switch. Sealed movable controls and power connection are high-quality industrial components for durability and high reliability. The industrial 4 pin M8 standard connector is used to power ULA-1. Connectors, switch and potentiometers are IP67. The housing of ULA-1 is full sealed to IP55 ingress protection class.





Form, design and ergonomics

Aluminium alloy and carbon composite were used for the construction of the ULA-1 , thanks to which the weight of the fixture is up to 200g.  The LED matrix is placed on a hinge allowing it to set at any angle, as well as the folding of the matrix when the light is not used. The proper friction force of the hinge can be adjusted via the adjusting screw. Thanks to the hinge, if the lamp hookes with an obstacle, the shock-resistant LED matrix will fold itself, which minimizes the possibility of damaging the lamp and the camera, eg. when getting into the car or passing with the camera through low or narrow passages.


The ULA-1 light should be configured to the needs by using the appropriate accessories set. You will need a suitable Akurat 10mm® adapter for mounting  and a suitable power cord (accessories ordered separately). To attach the light to the camera equipped with a photo foot, you will need a 10mm – photo shoe adapter. In the case of cameras with a 1/4 inch socket, you will need a 10mm – 1/4 inch camera adapter. There are also other 10mm® Akurat accessories available, for mounting the light or other accessory at any angle, raising or lowering, as well as moving the position of the light in relation to the place of attachment to the camera. See the examples on the photos in the product gallery.

A magnetic barndoors with a diffuser for ULA-1 are available (ordered separately).

The set includes a foam filling that fits into a rigid waterproof high-quality case (ordered separately). We recommend storing the ULA-1 lamp in this case. Details in the attachment ULA-1 Ordering Information.


Supply options

The device may be powered from 6 up to 16 V. That allows to use the typical D-Tap sockets found in cameras powered 14.4 V or 7,4V batteries equipped with DC socket commonly used for powering cameras  (in eg. SWIT or compatible), gel batteries (6 and 12 V), electrical systems of cars and motorcycles, mains power supplies etc. In the Accessories tab you will find the proper cables.


Key features

  • Top-quality light
  • Highly robust, resistant to shocks dust and water IP55
  • Moving and folding LED matrix
  • Step-less colour temperature adjustment capability
  • No flickering at all, suitable for slow-motion filming
  • Power can be supplied directly from camera batteries or D-Tap sockets
  • Maximum power consumption as low as 11 W
  • Low operating temperature
  • High dependability


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