DoPchoice “Snapbag” – Softbox for D4mk2 i S4mk2 panels

High quality softbox dedicated for Akurat D4mk2 and S4mk2 panels, manufactured by DoPchoice, leading manufacturer of lighting modifiers from Munich.

Snapbag has a friendly for user design, making possible very quick setting on panel and easy transportation in small flat bag, without necessity of dismantle the softbox.

Snapbags are delivered with transportation bag and medium density front diffuser “HALF”.

Other density diffusers are available: 1/4 (thinner), 1/1 (denser) and the “MAGIC” diffuser.

Snapgrids 40 to mounting in front of diffuser of Snapbags are also available as additional accessories. Grid limits the light distribution to the sides without any changes in straight direction.

The Snapbag fits also to older models D4A and S4 panels.

  • Snapbag_S4MK2_front
  • SnapBag_D4MK2_diffuser
  • SnapBag_D4MK2_front_diffuser_velcro
  • SnapBag_D4MK2_front_without_diffuser
  • Snapbag_S4MK2_front_diffuser_open
  • Snapbag_S4MK2_front_wo_diffuser
  • Snapbag_S4MK2_back02
  • SnapBag_D4MK2_back_angle_view
  • SnapBag_D4MK2_side_right
  • SnapBag_D4MK2_side_left
  • SnapBag_D4MK2_back_angle_view_2
  • SnapBag_D4MK2_back

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