D8 mark 2 – strong 130W diffusion LED panel

D8 MK2 – strong LED panel for reporters and for the studio

Perfectly diffused light gives beautiful, soft shadows, devoid of a matrix structure.


D8 MK2 is another incarnation of the flagship model of Akurat D-SOFT series, a panel made of aluminum with dimensions of 60×35 cm. The fixture is now more powerful and has a much greater light output . The CCT range has been extended to the 2700-6500 Kelvins. The Mark 2 also features a completely new light control by the multifunction encoder knob.
Many accessories are available including barndoors, grid, softbox, battery plates, communication modules.

Basic parameters:

  • Maximum luminous flux approx. 12000 lumens
  • Maximum illuminance up to do 3600 lux@1m
  • CRI Ra=97+, TLCI 99-100
  • Maximum electric power – 130w
5MB Technical Specification D8 MK2
  • D8MK2_front_angle_view_leaning
  • D8MK2_front_sq
  • D8A_side_leaning
  • D8MK2_front_barndoors_sq
  • D8A_front_angle_view_barndoors
  • D8A_side_barndoors
  • D8A_front_angle_view_leaning_grid
  • D8_MK2_front_grid
  • SnapBag_Akurat_D8MK2_ front_angle_view_on
  • SnapBag_Akurat_D8MK2_ back_angle_view_on
  • D8_MK2_back_angle_view_sq
  • D8_MK2_back_terminals_close_up
  • D8_MK2_back_V-Lock_sq
  • D8_MK2_back_GoldMount_sq
  • D8_MK2_back_connected_sq
  • D8_MK2_back_velcrotape_sq
  • D8_MK2_back_wo_ACadapter_sq
  • W-DMX_RX_on D8MK2_2
  • W-DMX_RX_on D8MK2

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The excellent photometric parameters of the D-SOFT series are due to the use of advanced materials to build the optical system of the fixtures. It consists of a very high transmittance diffusion foil in front of the LEDs and a low-loss high diffusion reflector placed under the LEDs. The combination of these materials allows for beautiful soft light with high intensity.

Thanks to the use of modern multichip and multi-phosphor LEDs with high CRI and TLCI and very efficient converters powering the LEDs, it was possible to increase the lamp power and obtain a strong stream of high-quality soft light, completely free of the flickering.

New LEDs enable a wider CCT range, from 2700 to 6500K.

A modern controller with an LCD display allows you to set light parameters using a convenient knob. The controls are simple and intuitive, allowing the operator to concentrate on the job.

All MK2 panels, unlike previous versions, are factory-equipped with a DMX decoder. It is also possible to control the lamp wirelessly, using dedicated W-DMX communication modules.



MK2 Controller

Akurat MK2 panels are equipped with a completely new controller. The parameters of the light are regulated by a large, comfortable, multifunctional knob. Pushing the knob switches the parameter to be adjusted, turning it changes its value. The adjustment is made in steps depended on the turning speed of the knob, which enables achieve a large jump in the case of fast turning, or fine tuning in the case of slow rotation.

Tungsten and Daylight buttons allow you to instantly set the standard light temperature.

The controller is equipped with a DMX 512 signal decoder. It is also adapted to wireless control in the W-DMX system by additional communication module.



Remote Control

The DMX512 signal is connected to the lamp with a RJ45 plug. DMX terminal is equipped with two slots to build a standard DMX network a “daisy chain”. These inputs are not isolated. If the fixture is used in more complex networks that require optoisolation, the Akurat DMX XLR Plate module should be used. Ask your dealer for a quote.

The MK2 DMX terminal is also equipped with a USB socket for connecting the wireless control module of the W-DMX system. There are both dedicated receiver modules for panels and transmitting modules for connecting to the output of any lighting controller operating in the DMX512 system.

After connecting the signal, the controller automatically switches to DMX mode. The setting of the DMX channel is made using the multifunctional knob. The newly selected address is automatically saved in the controller’s non-volatile memory.




Battery operation

Adapting the panel to battery power requires ordering the appropriate Battery Plate. You can choose between the V-Lock and Gold-Mount systems. MK2 lights come with the AC adapter attached with Velcro to the AC Adapter Plate. The Battery Plate is installed by the user in place of the AC Adapter Plate. The manual and the TX08 tool are attached to the Battery Plate.







The main advantages of the D8 MK2

  • Beautiful soft light
  • No flickering effect, the ability to illuminate sets filmed in Slow Motion mode without restrictions
  • The ability to smoothly adjust off CCT and switch between standard daylight/tungsten ligh
  • The ability to dimming from 0 to 100%
  • Display of the current CCT in Kelvins, dimmer as a percentage and battery voltage in Volts
  • Intuitive operation
  • Built-in DMX512 decoder, the possibility of wireless control in the W-DMX system (option)
  • Possibility of power supply from V-Lock or Gold Mount batteries
  • High efficiency and low operating temperature
  • Housing made of aluminum
  • High mechanical, shock and moisture resistance
  • Reliability


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