W-DMX Wireless Transmission of DMX

Akurat Lighting W-DMX devices enable reliable, wireless DMX signal transmission to lighting fixtures via radio.


The Akurat W-DMX transmitting part works with any DMX lighting controller, compliant with the DMX512-A standard. Akurat W-DMX receiving modules have been designed to work with Akurat MK2 LED luminaires, but the system allows you to connect the signal to any DMX-compatible luminaire.

The Akurat W-DMX system uses the W-DMX technology of the Swedish company Wireless Solution. Therefore, it is compatible with all of W-DMX G5 and later devices manufactured by Wireless Solution – one of the undisputed leader on the wireless DMX signal transmission market.
The basic components of the Akurat W-DMX system are:

  • W-DMX Transceiver W-DMX signal transmitter which is connected to the DMX controller output (it can also work as a signal receiver)
  • W-DMX Receiver W-DMX signal receiver designed to be connected to dedicated USB input at the Akurat MK2 and SECTOR luminaires
4,5MB W-DMX Technical Specification 4,7MB W-DMX User Guide


  • W-DMX_RX_02
  • W-DMX_RX_01
  • W-DMX_RX_on DLMK2_1
  • W-DMX_RX_on DLMK2_2
  • W-DMX_RX_on S4MK2_1
  • W-DMX_RX_on D4MK2_1_1
  • W-DMX_RX_on S8MK2_1
  • W-DMX_RX_on S8MK2_2
  • W-DMX_TRX_01_XLR3p
  • W-DMX_TRX_02
  • W-DMX_TRX_03
  • W-DMX_TRX_with_DMX_console_01
  • W-DMX_TRX_with_DMX_console
  • ikona antena

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The W-DMX system uses an ISM 2.4GHz radio link (optionally 2.4 + 5.2 + 5.8GHz) with AFHSS modulation (Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum). The principle of this modulation is to jump from subchannel to subchannel at a rapid pace, using a custom encryption sequence. The system intelligently seeks busy channels and purposely avoids them, to further reduce interference. Frequency hopping techniques were first used by the U.S. military, since they are difficult to intentionally jam and, unless you know the frequency hopping sequence, practically impossible to listen in on. The radio transmitter of the W-DMX Transceiver meets the requirements of the European Directive RED 2014/53/EU and FCC (complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules).




Akurat W-DMX Transceiver

The basic function of the transceiver is to convert the DMX signal from the lighting controller output into a radio signal compatible with the W-DMX standard and send it on-air. The device can transmit all 512 channels of one DMX universe. The signal can only be received by receivers that have been previously paired with the transceiver. The linking process of new receivers is initiated by pressing the “LINK” button. Each receiver can only be paired with one transceiver.

The device is equipped with LEDs that indicate the current status. The XLR sockets allow the transceiver to be connected to the DMX line. Versions with 5-pin and 3-pin sockets are available. The transceiver is equipped with a durable aluminum housing with dimensions of 75x60x40mm.


The transceiver requires an external power supply with a voltage in the range of 5-24V and current up to 200mA. You can use the USB socket for this purpose, which DMX consoles is often equipped with. Our offer includes appropriate cables as well as a dedicated AC adapter .

A unique feature of the transceiver is the ability to change the transmission direction and use it as a W-DMX receiver. In this case, after pairing with an active W-DMX transmitter, the device provides a standard DMX signal via XLR sockets and can be connected to any luminaire or many DMX512-A compatible luminaires.



Akurat W-DMX Receiver

The W-DMX Receiver has been designed for use with Akurat Lighting MK2 luminaires. The receiver is connected to the USB socket located in the “DMX Terminal” zone of each luminaire. After connecting and fastening the receiver with Velcro to the fixture, the set is ready for wireless operation, as long as it is within the range of the W-DMX transmitter. The receiver can only receive signals from the transmitter with which it was previously paired.





Before sending the linking command from the transmitter, press the UNLINK button on the receiver for approx. 2 seconds. After this operation, the previous linking data is cleared from the memory and the receiver is ready for pairing with the new W-DMX transmitter. The device is equipped with LEDs indicating the current status – power supply, DMX signal presence, and the radio signal quality.

The W-DMX Receiver is equipped with a durable aluminum housing with dimensions of 60x47x25mm.


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