S4 and S8 – a new series of LED panels with replaceable optics



S8bi_90_angle_view_3New! The most versatile LED panels in the world. Replaceability of optics in the S-series lights enables to modify their photometric properties within a wide range.

Our production program covers two basic models: the smaller S4 and the larger S8. Both types are available in two versions: one bi-colour, offering the capability to adjust colour temperature, the other mono-colour – daylight or tungsten.

The lights are equipped with replaceable sets of TIR (total internal reflection) lenses. There are three types of lenses available, each shaping the light beam to a different width: 30, 60 or 90 degrees. With lenses removed, the light emits a 120-degree light beam. This gives a total of 12 different possible configurations of the S4 lights – and as much as 24 configurations of the S8 lights, since a vertical variant of that model is also available, bearing the designation S8V.


The maximum attainable lighting intensity depends on the choice of lenses and, at a distance of 1 meter from the light, ranges from 900 lx without lenses to over 13,000 lx with 30-degree lenses for S4, or – respectively – from 1,600 lx up to almost 19,000 lx for S8. For mono versions, these levels are almost twice as high.

The power of S4bi is circa 30 W, and that of S8bi – 55 W. The mono versions are approximately twice as strong.


The S4 and S8 lights have high-CRI (colour rendering index) diodes as standard equipment. On request, we can also deliver the S-series lights in the V-WHITE variant.


For details, see the product pages.




Akurat S8 panel LED


Akurat S8Vbi-30 - vertical version













                An advertisement announcing the new S-series lights in the polish edition of industry-specific magazine Film&TV Kamera.