About us

10 years of experience

The goal was simple – to create a brand representing quality and innovation in lighting solutions for the film industry.

No one understands the needs of the film industry better than those who have been professionally active in this field. That is why a major strength of our brand is the experience of its founder Krzysztof Semeniuk, a former film and TV producer working at numerous TV shows, as well as feature and documentary films. In 2006 Semeniuk decided to use his electronic expertise and practical skills developed in TV studios, as well as on film, documentary and news sets to build a successful business. Together with his wife Aleksandra, who is a TV producer, and with big support from his friends, he created the Akurat Lighting brand.

The goal was simple – to create a brand representing quality and innovation in lighting solutions for the film industry. Today we can proudly say that we did. As the pioneer in the Polish market we were among the first manufacturers globally to supply LED lighting systems for the film and media sector. In 2010 we presented another innovative solution – the LL2120 on-camera lamp with dual balance which eliminates the need for conversion filters. Our next innovations, the X1zoom lenticular lamp and the DL3120 LED panel, were year-by-year award winners at the Film Video Foto fair in Łódź.

Akurat Lighting lamps are preferred everyday equipment at major domestic and foreign TV stations. They are also used by top production companies, advertising agencies and video operators.

Quality policy

The success of our products is largely driven by the use of top-class electronic components and rigorous quality control. The combination of both factors guarantees high reliability even under the most challenging conditions. We also place great emphasis on high standards of cooperation with our distributors and end users, providing them with complete product information. We offer fast and generally free-of-charge product maintenance services both during the warranty period and many years after its expiry.

Awards and distinctions

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Why us?


Quality at a good price

Even though our lamps are made of proven electronic components purchased from top suppliers, we guarantee a surprisingly favorable quality to price ratio.


Akurat Lighting solutions are valued by European and international TV stations and production companies. In Poland our products are used by TVP S.A. and TVN S.A. Our on-camera lamps are commonly used in TVN 24 news broadcasts. Large numbers of our illuminators were installed in TVN’s recording studio in Kraków, where the station’s TV series are produced.


Technological innovations

We embrace cutting-edge technologies. That is why our V-White lamps emit light of extremely high spectrum quality matched only by products of leading global manufacturers of LED lighting systems for television and film industry.



All heavy-duty components of our lighting systems have high protection rating, which makes them resistant to water, humidity and dust. Housings for our lamps are made of aluminum, ensuring very good mechanical strength.


Broad range of accessories

Each lamp can be equipped with a number of accessories such as power cables, extension cords, power supply units, camera battery adapters, diffusers and barndoors.



Our lighting systems are designed for compatibility with all camera models. Moreover, with a broad range of camera battery slots, the same battery type can be used for both the camera and the lamp.